Word from Founding Director

Having an Institution that provide knowledge and experience which changes people’s lives, bring hope and open opportunities to disadvantaged individuals is an idea that came into my mind in 1997, when, after completing my advance-level secondary education, I was trying to find my role in my society and in the fight against poverty, ignorance and diseases. At that time, I was just dreaming about it, without really knowing what would really come out of it, how the idea would be accepted, how it would work, when it might come to fruition and who might support my efforts. I think these doubts were very much to do with the background from which I came and our country’s general reluctance to accept new ideas, especially from an unknown individual like myself without the highest level of education, unknown family background and so on. This was a big challenge.

Another problem was deciding what kind of academic specialization I should pursue that could capture all my ideas. Politics was out of the question, as I had no desire to live the life of a politician. Anyway, it’s a long story – but what I can say now with conviction – is that you must invest all your potentials and discipline yourself to live your life because an idea will not become a reality unless you are practical, strategic, persistent, perseverant, and unless you make a real sacrifice and commitment. People may say things which deter you! But you must look upon yourself as giving birth to an idea, making the dream a reality; “you are the one who is pregnant and you yourself know the true value of the child in your womb”. Stay focused.

For any person in a developing country, think about the family you were born into, your relatives, your friends, your neighbours, your community, the country you live in, the environment, health, education, infrastructure, and all the other aspects of your homeland. If you think about it closely enough, you must feel the pain, the sorrow, and you may even cry. By reflecting on what you see around you, and listening to what your heart tells you… you will find your role in the fight against poverty, ignorance and disease. Change in our community is borne out of what you are thinking today, it is not where we have come from that counts but where we are going. Always remember, “If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito”. Together we can make a difference!! Don’t give up,… Yes, it is difficult but it is possible…… Trust in God and not in people.

Lwitiko Mwalukasa
Founding Director
Tanzania Institute of Project Management (TIPM)