Withdrawals, Refunds and Credits

A refund will be given for withdrawals prior to the official start of a course session less 10% administration cost. Students must contact the TIPM Program Administrator to request a withdrawal. Students will have a ten (10) day grace period after the official start of a course session to notify the Program Administrator if they wish to withdraw from the session. These students will not receive a refund but will be eligible for enrollment in a future class within the next 6 months, at no additional charge.

    Withdrawal procedures

    In order for online students to withdraw from an online class they must visit the Office of distance learning website. On the site is a withdrawal form that must be completed by the online student. When the student submits the withdrawal request, the Office of distance learning will process the request in the College’s data Base and remove from the list. Note: There is no refund once the student was officially registered. A student will be responsible for all charges associated with the online classes.

      Course Extensions

      In some cases in which unforeseen events prevent a student from completing a course during the prescribed time period, we can extend the session for an extra time period. To do so, a request for an extension must be sent to the TIPM Program Administrator at  or before the session is scheduled to end. The Program Administrator will contact the student’s lecturer to make arrangements for the extension if he or she can be available for the extended time period, or identify another lecturer to resume work with the student. Extensions cannot be granted after the end date of the course session.