Programme Rationale
The development of any country depends on the ability of her citizens (labour force) to effectively compete on the ever increasing changing global markets. Introducing knowledge in areas relating to business and project management opens new and exciting opportunities for creativity and innovation in development, fostering not only new initiatives, but also the management of these initiatives to achieve desired developmental business outcomes.

According to the Tanzania development vision of 2025, the educational system has not been structured to counter deterioration in the ownership of the development agenda and fostering self confidence in the determination of the nation’s destiny. The level and quality of education that has been attained has not been adequate in meeting the growing development problems and challenges that confront the nation. Education in particular, is found not to have been adequately and appropriately geared towards integrating the individual into the problems of the community. The government and other stakeholders have the responsibility of improving knowledge and skills of their citizens to enable them address developmental challenges they are confronted with.

Basic Certificate – NTA LEVEL 4
The Basic Certificate in Business and Project Management is a year’s program which provides avenues for creativity, innovation, confidence and commitment in addressing business and other development challenges among aspiring business and development workers. The program also provides a wide range of knowledge, skills and wonderful opportunities to pursue diploma or degree programs, enrolment for the Technician Certificate courses, resulting in the creation of great opportunities for career development.

Programme Philosophy
Project-based work has long traditions. Our innovative curriculum, carefully compiled to include all skills needed by students to be effective practitioners, focuses on achieving the right balance between practice and theory in business and project management.

The philosophy is based on the following principles and assumptions;
a) To upgrade student knowledge and skills for diploma or degree programs
b) To provide basic principles, skills and expertise that will give the greatest foundation and opportunity for career development
c) To stimulate student interest in designing and implementing business ideas to improve business performance.
d) To provide basic knowledge and skills of a variety business and project management applications
e) To produce quality graduates who are ready to compete in the labour market (formal and informal sector) and satisfy industrial needs
f) To satisfy the requirements of the National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) being the regulating body for Technical Education in the country.

Admission Requirements
The minimum entry qualifications for the course shall be as follows:
a) Form IV (O-level) with at least four D passes in any subject, OR NVA level 3 or
b) If and when necessary candidates must pass an aptitude test to be conducted by the Institute or
c) Form VI (A Level) with at least one principal pass in any subject

*Application fees must be paid alongside tuition and books fees of the 1st installment
Payment procedures:
Payments can either be made in full or in two installments
a) 1st Semester will cover the following:.
• Application Fees – 20,000
• Books – 40,000
• Tuition – 500,000.00
a) 2st Semester will cover the following:.
• Tuition – 500,000.00

Bank Details
Payment should be made direct to the Bank
Acc Number:0102021421600

Apply to:
The principal, TIPM –Admission Office
P O. Box 11161,
Dar es Salaam
Tel/Fax – 22 2761734