Project Management Professional (PMP) Course PMP CLASSES FOR THE YEAR 2016

Successfully implementing projects depends on the people who manage them. Selecting the ‘right’ people to manage projects is the key to minimizing project failures, maximizing organizational efficiency, improving time to market, and increasing profits.

About Tanzania Institute of Project Management

TIPM is an African based Regional Partner of TenStep Inc. ( which is headquartered in Georgia Atlanta USA, and a Global REP (Registered Education Provider) on behalf of the Project Management Institute (PMI) with registration No.1774.

The main objective of Tanzania Institute of Project management is to promote the project management profession and practice in Tan- zania and across Africa in collaboration with local and international Institutions

About the Project Management Profes- sional course  Project Management Professional (PMP) is a high level and internationally recognized certifica- tion administered by the Project Management Institute (PMI) in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, USA. Please visit

Project Management Professional (PMP®) certifi- cation has become the most recognized and inter- nationally accepted credential for the practice of the rapidly evolving profession of project manage- meant.   Why PMP certification?

In some countries PMP is a mandatory qualification for Project Managers because it gives one an International Recognition and provides staff with a solid background in Generally Accepted Project Management Principles, Knowledge and Skills. It provides an edge when applying for various project management and related positions so they can lead and direct cross-functional teams to deliver projects within the constraints of schedule, budget, scope and quality

Since 2012, Tanzania Institute of Project Manage- ment has been running the PMP course after every two months to provide the 35 contact hours required for eligibility for PMP examinations PMP passing rate for our students is 95%

The advantages of PMP at Corporate level

a) It gives an International recognition status
b) It reduces competition for both local and inter national assignment (qualified staff)
c) It increases trust and confidence to potential clients and public at large
d) It gives credibility to the company
e) It reduces risks and therefore project cost
f) Improves strategic direction of the organization g) PMP holders’ performance is overseen by the Board of Project Management in USA.
h) PMP follows Project Management Ethics,Standards and professional responsibilities i) It helps Seniors at corporate level to make informed decision

The advantages of PMP at an Individual level

a. It reduce competition in the labour market
b. Become a member of an Association of a Professional Group
c. It gives you confidence and trust in the profession
d. Career growth prospects
e.Become Project Management discipline master f. It gives you International recognition
g. It gives you holistic view of Project Management – enrich your knowledge
h. It assures better pay
i. Gain public trust and respects (Ethical & professional behaviour)
j. You become very mobile (Citizen of the world)

The value of project management

a) Completing projects more quickly and cheaply b) Saving effort and cost with proactive scope management
c) Better solution “fit” the first time through better planning
d) Resolving problems more quickly
e) Resolving future risk before the problems occur
f) Communicating and managing expectations with clients, team members and stakeholders more effectively
g) Building a higher quality product the first time h) Improved financial management.
i) More focus on metrics and fact-based decision making
j) Improved work environment
k) Stopping “bad” projects more quickly

The Benefits of Certification for Project Managers

Even the project managers who are skeptical of certifications agree that the creation of creden- tials like the PMP have helped unify the profes- sion by creating a common language and standard frameworks for project managers to use when executing projects. According to PMI’s and PWC’s respective research, having a common language and standard processes improves project performance.

Message for organizations

We trust that you will take this opportunity to make your Project Managers and potential staff attain this internationally recognized, global and higher level qualification in project manage- ment, which will lead to performance improve- ment and lower cost through better manage- ment of projects.

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