We live in an age of constant change where Compa- nies, Governments, Public Corporations and Non- Government Organizations’ are engaged in innova- tions in order to meet the demands of this new age.

Management Professional Certification exams.
b) Our students understand project management from professional point of view
c) The knowledge allows our students to be flexible to work with both local and international companies d) Encourage our students to take advantage of our country resources to initiate projects
e) The knowledge is practical, our student can use it even in their own projects
f) Our programs emphasize on self realization in terms of individual capacity to change your life and the life of others through creativity and innovations
g) Our students are challenged to see community problems as opportunities and that there are the one to address them.
h) Our students can work with project teams from other countries because of understanding project management from global standards perspective
i) The knowledge is practical to solve real life problems

Project Management and Monitoring and Evalua- tion are exactly the additional skill that every graduate need, to work with Development Part- ners both in the Public and Private Sector to respond to societal/market needs.

a) Project Management curriculum follow Global Standards which expose our students to Project Management Global Community and sit for Project

Why register for a Post Graduate Diploma at TIPM?

The program is ideal for people who may be involved or interested in managing technical projects, business projects or developmental projects which cut across a range of economic sectors. The programme also will add value to people who are running their own businesses and recognize that project management forms an inte- gral component of their business.

1. Understand the value of M&E system for organi- zations.
2. Understand the ways in which M&E tools can be developed and used effectively for informed decision-making and for introducing improve- ments in the current and future projects, policies, strategic and operational plans.

Post Graduate Diploma in Project Management

This course has been structured in line with the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), Ten knowledge areas i.e Management of Scope, Schedule, Cost, Quality, Risks, Human Resources, Procurements, Stakeholders, Integration, and Communication as well as MS Project

3. Set up an M&E system including development of Key Performance Indicators, manage the system, and produce the results required for M&E.
4. Link various related components of work in the project together, for example, the inputs, processes, activities, outputs, outcomes, and impacts that constitute projects, programmes, and services, so that they form an integrated whole or system.

The Project Management Program objectives
a) To educate current and future project managers based on Global standards
b) To advance the importance of research in project management
c) To produce project management educators
d) To prepare students for Project Management Professional (PMP) exams of Project Management Institute (PMI) of U.S.A.
e) To introduce project management professional ethics, vocabulary and standards in the field.

5. Collect data, Use M&E tools such as PSS, ANOVA to analyze data, interpret, write report for decision-making.

This is a cross-cutting programme designed for those who are involved or interested with the design, and management of monitoring and evalu- ation system for public and private programmes and other interventions

a) Holder of a bachelor’s degree or equivalent from an accredited College or University
b) A demonstrated strong interest in Project Management/Monitoring and Evaluation


Who should enroll in Postgraduate studies?

Project Management

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Monitoring & Evaluation

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Post Graduate Diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation

This course aim to answer two basic questions:
a) What would constitute success in addressing this problem? And
b) How will we know success when we achieve it

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Objective of the course;

This program will help participants to understand and be able to build and use monitoring and evalu- ation systems to regularly assess the progress of projects, programs and policies. The participants should be able to:

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